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What we do best…

Irema Ireland develops and manufactures meltblown polypropylene material for air filter media, filters for air conditioning & ventilation, surgical face masks as well as flat fold respirator face masks. We partner with global brand leaders to create solutions to help companies maximize their product offering.

With nearly 30 years expertise in manufacturing, Irema Ireland is Ireland’s only manufacturer of the most innovative filter media products used in industries such as Air Filtration, Construction and Medical.

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Irema Meltblown Non-Woven Material - The Key to Performance

Irema has been developing its own synthetic meltblown non-woven materials for use in filter applications including face masks, respirators and HVAC, for over 20 years. Our commitment to continuous material innovation ensures you get the highest levels of protection from airborne contamination with facemasks and industrial filtration products of the highest filtration efficiency and exceptional quality.

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Irema Face Masks – The ultimate in Comfort and Protection.

Irema face masks help medical, dental and cleanroom professionals perform in comfort with the best levels of protection for them, their patients or their processes. We meet your needs with the highest EN standards of filtration.

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