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Irema Ireland is a global manufacturer of meltblown non-woven polypropylene material and superior quality medial face masks. For over 25 years, we have used our extensive expertise in manufacturing and product design to deliver exceptional quality products to our customers in a wide range of industries including Filtration, Construction, Oil Absorbents, Medical and Cleanroom.

Air Filtration

We are a leading producer of meltblown polypropylene filtration media, supplying to the HVAC air filter industry. Our meltblown non-woven media, Micro 2000 Plus and Micro 2012, meet all the technical requirements of industry standards EN779 and ASHREA 52.2.

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SMS Composites

We are an experienced manufacturer of meltblown non-woven media converted into SMS products used in the construction and Geotextile applications.

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Oil Absorbents

We are a manufacturer and supplier of meltblown non-woven polypropylene material used in the absorbents industry. We produce sorbents that are specifically designed to absorb oil, repelling water and are an effective and reliable solution to any size oil spill or in-plant application.

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Surgical Face Masks

We are one of the highest volume manufacturing plants for surgical and cleanroom masks in the world. We are a manufacturer of medical face mask products that meet the highest European Standards for efficiency and filtration and are designed with end user comfort in mind.

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Face Mask Filter Media

We are a manufacturer and supplier of meltblown non-woven polypropylene face mask filter media for use in disposable surgical face masks and respirators.

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Our global distribution and reseller partners recognise Irema Ireland for our innovative and lean manufacturing processes which allow us to respond to spikes in their supply demands and unique product requests. Weʼre straightforward and customer-focused in everything we do. Our partners tell us, we are responsive, trustworthy and easy to do business with.

To meet our global partners supply needs as efficiently as possible, we have two strategically located manufacturing facilities. Our primary facility is a 50,000 sq. ft. premises in Kilmallock, close to Shannon’s International Airport and Limerick City and in the southwest of Ireland. Our second manufacturing facility is located outside Bangkok in Thailand, where we also manufacture to the highest quality based on our European standards to support our global customers.

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