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Irema Ireland is a leading European manufacturer of  meltblown non-woven polypropylene filter media and superior quality face masks.

We’re committed to regular testing and certification of our products by independent laboratories so you can be assured of the highest standards. Because we manufacture our own filter media, we have complete control over the quality of our products. This means we have the ability to constantly innovate, taking our products to the leading edge of filtration efficiency.

Meltblown Non-Wovens

Irema Ireland’s non-woven meltblown filter media is used in industry sectors including HVAC, Gas turbine Air Inlets, Hospitals, Industrial Processes, construction & Oil Absorbents.

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Air Filtration

Irema Ireland’s unique meltblown technology produces fine microfibers that are ideally suited for filtration applications where the removal of airborne contaminants is a priority.

SMS Composites

Irema Ireland’s approach to research and development has pioneered new applications for its meltblown for use in SMS composites used in Geo-textiles, construction and other industries.

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Oil Absorbent Material

Irema Ireland’s dedicated approach towards greener manufacturing processes has led to the creation of new opportunities in the absorbents industry. Irema Ireland’s meltblown material is used in the absorbents industry as a filler for the booms, socks and pillows used to collect oil spillage.

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Face Masks

Irema Ireland’s surgical face masks are made from approved materials including Irema’s unique non-woven meltblown polypropylene filter media, ensuring you get a high quality and high performing product you can trust. Our face masks are used in industries including medical, dental and cleanroom environments.

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