Irema Ireland offers a range of innovative surgical face mask solutions specifically designed for use in different industries. We share our partners’ commitment to protecting people and environments in hospitals, surgeries, dental practices, and cleanrooms. We support our partners with advanced delivery scheduling, a comprehensive partner programme and specialist advice to ensure that their customers get the product they need. Whatever your individual needs, we are passionate about providing the right face mask solution for you.

If you are a supplier to industry, we can help you provide solutions to meet the demands of your industry focus. We recognise that speed of order fulfillment is critical to meet your business needs. We are a reliable and trusted manufacturing partner using lean manufacturing processes and therefore have the capacity to meet your supply requirements including unscheduled demand. We typically meet orders 50% sooner and to a higher quality than our competitors from lower cost regions; saving you money in the longer run.

Find out how Irema can help to provide face mask solutions for your industry:

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