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Meltblown Non-Woven Applications

Irema Ireland manufactures high performance meltblown non-woven polypropylene material for use in Filter Media, SMS Composites and Oil Absorbent applications. 25 years’ manufacturing experience gives Irema Ireland control over the quality of products, allows for constant innovation while taking products to the leading edge of performance efficiency.

Irema Ireland’s research and development programmes continue to focus on maximizing customer-centric solutions offered by its products. The flexibility of the technology allows continual improvements to be applied to the performance of the meltblown technology.


Irema Ireland’s unique meltblown technology produces fine microfibers ideally suited to a rage of filtration applications. Irema Ireland’s non-woven meltblown filter media are used in industry sectors including HVAC, Gas Turbine, Air Inlets, Hospitals and food & Industrial Processes.


SMS Composites

Irema Ireland’s approach to research and development has pioneered new applications for its meltblown for use in SMS composites used in Geotextiles, construction and other industries. The flexibility of Irema Ireland’s meltblown technology produces a mixture of high quality fine fibers. The product characteristics create a flexible, high performance protective barrier that repels moisture while maintaining a high breathability rate.

Irema Ireland’s meltblown is compatible with non-woven polypropylene spun bound materials and lamination.

Oil Absorbent Material

Irema Ireland’s dedicated approach towards greener manufacturing processes has led to the creation of new opportunities in the absorbents industry. Irema Ireland’s meltblown material is used in the absorbents industry as a filler for the booms, socks and pillows used to collect oil spillage. Irema Ireland’s sorbents are designed to absorb oil, repel water and are ideal for any size oil spill or in-plant application.

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