As an Irema Ireland partner, we will work with you to provide the best possible solutions to your customers. We manufacture our own filter media which means we can ensure the quality and reliability of supply.

We match your supply chain requirements while using lean manufacturing processes so that we can meet any unscheduled demand more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Irema Ireland is based in Europe which means our lead-time for order fulfillment is shorter and there are no import duties and taxes or customs delays to worry about. We also manufacture in Thailand to the highest standard to support our global customers.

IREMA Partner Programme

The Irema Ireland Partner Programme is here to ensure that our partners get the best possible service from us and we can support you in meeting the demands of the end user. It consists of the following components:

Manufacturing Expertise

As an Irema partner, you will benefit from our longstanding manufacturing expertise, putting you at the forefront of face mask design and technology. Irema remains the largest mask manufacturer in Europe with six production lines in operation.

Design Expertise

You will have the opportunity to work closely with Irema’s experienced design team to tailor a solution that best fits your needs. Careful consideration is given to material selection, mask design, production optimisation and packaging to ensure that the needs of your customers are always prioritised.

Regulatory Expertise

We can help you to meet the requlatory requirements for new product innovations. Irema completes regular and rigorous after-market sampling of our products and, with the expected revision to EN 14683 will require companies to complete regular after market approval sample testing, Irema can help you guarantee continued quality and compliance.

Supply Chain Management

We can view our partners ERP systems directly, so we can plan production to meet your requirements. Our partners recognise that supply chain management is critical in supplying facemasks in a healthcare market driven by events including hospital infections and pandemics. Our partner programme incorporates a Quality Management system to ensures that a complete supply chain management solution in place at all times to meet you changing demands. Expert Irema personnel will work closely with you to ensure that product quality and service is never compromised.

Customer Support

Because our team is based at our Headquarters in Europe we are available to support you no matter what region you are in The IREMA customer service team leads the Irema Partner Programme by providing a continuous link between all Irema team members and our partners.

+353 63 98544