Lean Manufacturing Implementation

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Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Irema has recently implemented “Lean Manufacturing” at its production facility. The “Lean” system based on the original Toyota system been implemented throughout all aspects of the business to ensure that Irema has complete focus on all their customers’ requirements.

All facets of the business are monitored and recorded to ensure “goals and objectives” are achieved with action plans in place for further improvements.

In addition to the “Lean Tools” such as the “Visual Factory” and the systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste, Irema has also introduced comprehensive training for all staff to ensure that there is uniformed approach to continuous improvement and a full understanding of all the “Lean” tools used to enhance the performance of the company. This training some of which is through the Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA) has given a greater focus and awareness of what the company is looking to achieve, with the added bonus of staff input into resolving many of the issues.

The improvements through the “Lean” process and training form part of the company’s strategy over the next few years to ensure that Irema remains a major supplier of Surgical Face Masks for the Global Mask Business.