Bahrain Confirms First Swine Flu Case in 2014

Bahrain Confirms First Swine Flu Case in 2014

On Wednesday, Bahrain registered  its first swine flu case in 2014 after test results of a 41-year-old woman proved positive.

The Bahraini Health Ministry said in a statement the patient was shifted to a quarantine facility and given Tami Flu drug at the main hospital Salmaniya Medical Complex.

“The patient walked in the emergency department of the Salmaniya Medical Complex on Feb. 3 with high fever and urine infection, and was diagnosed with H1N1,” said the hospital’s chief of medical staff Mohammed Awadhi.

The official added they were taking all precautionary measures among health care workers to prevent the spread of the virus.

In November 2009, thousands of people in Bahrain received shots of H1N1 vaccinations after more than a million doses were imported by the Health Ministry.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said about 18,450 people died from the virus all over the world, including many pregnant women and young people.