From humble beginnings, comes great things……


Irema Ireland was established as a contract manufacturer and one of the first global suppliers of disposable surgical face masks and face mask media. This placed Irema on the global map and into the global market.

Face Mask Manufacturing

We built our business from humble beginnings of a singular line of surgical face mask products. Growth quickly followed, due in part to the efforts of our research and development team and to the continued utilization of the most pioneering technology in our products to deliver exceptional quality media for face masks.


Our extensive expertise in meltblown and the continued endeavours of our research and development team ensured the expansion of our technology into non-woven filter media for air filters.

Air Filter Media Rolls Polypropylene

We became a world leader in the filtration industry, producing the first synthetic media from polypropylene.


Our production warehouse was expanded to meet growing demand for air filter media.

Air Filter Media Production Eorope

The extraordinary flexibility of our micro technology allowed us to continually produce newer, high quality fine fibre filter media and expand further our product portfolio.


Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing

The introduction of the new EN 14683 quality standard for face masks placed Irema products at the forefront of performance and reliability.


The Irema Thailand production plant was established to meet escalating global demand in the face mask sector from rising airborne diseases and air pollution. All face masks are manufactured to European standards of quality.


Pleatable Air Filter Media Development

Demand in the marketplace for high quality fine filtration led our R&D team to develop the Micro 3000; a pleatable polypropylene media.


Increasing levels of infection and rising urban air pollution propelled the development of FFP2 and FFP3 respirator face masks.

Respirator Face Mask FFP2 & FFP3 NR Flat Fold Development

This development was a new investment under Irema Ireland’s FaceMate brand.


Continued focus on air filtration media led to the development of new pleated media that included mini-pleated polypropylene, G4 laminated and activated carbon polyester media.

Pleated Air Filter Media Development

To complement this success, we expanded our product portfolio to include pleated filter media, pleated panel filters and rigid compact filters.

G4 Pleated Air Filter Media Polyester  Pleated Panel Air Filters Rigid Compact Air Filter

This led to the development of a new production area dedicated to pleated filter media, pre-filters and fine filters.

Meltblown Manufacturing Development

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