Indoor Air Quality Becomming Even More Important

Recently, China has been making the headlines because of its air pollution crises

Is Modern Life Making us Ill?

Busier lifestyles and prolonged periods of time in the public sphere, make us more susceptible to potential illnesses

Swine Flu Takes Another Life in Multan

  There has been another death from swine flu in Nishtar Hospital on Monday, increasing the death toll to five.

China Successfully Tests Smog-fighting Drones

China has a new ally in its raging battle with the fog and smog lingering over Beijing

China To Tighten Pollution Rules In Attempt To Curb Environmental Damage

BEIJING (AP) — China will tighten environmental legislation and force polluters to pay compensation

Boy, 11, Dies of Avian Flu in Hospital

An 11-year-old boy died from avian flu in Phnom Penh’s Kantha Bopha Hospital

Hong Kong Detects Sixth Imported H7N9 Avian Flu Case

Hong Kong health officials today announced another imported H7N9 influenza infection

Tech Needed to Improve Air in China

Legislators and political advisers have called for advanced technologies to be used in helping China battle air pollution

China Plans to Unleash Smog-killing Drones to Zap its Pollution

On March 5, China’s premier, Li Keqiang, announced a “war on pollution“

China’s Li Declares Declares War on Pollution

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said pollution is a major problem and the government will “‘declare war’’ on smog