American multinational case study | Face masks

20 Nov 2023
Categories: Case study

This well-known American multinational conglomerate corporation operates in the fields of industry, worker safety, US healthcare and consumer goods. It is consistently ranked in the top 100 of the US Fortune 500.


This company produces over 60,000 products under several brands. In order to meet customer demand and participate in European tenders, the organisation needed to outsource its surgical mask manufacturing.

Why Irema?

Irema has been manufacturing white labelled and OEM branded face masks for international companies since 1986 in Ireland and 2009 in Thailand. All surgical face masks are created to EU and international industry standards meaning that the Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness is guaranteed to be greater than 98%.

The multinational has an excellent reputation to protect and so needs the very best products of the highest quality for its customers including being EU standards and MDR compliant. It was confident that Irema could provide the required amount on a regular basis.



  • Regular monthly supply of surgical face masks since 1986
  • 20 million face masks per year manufactured by Irema packaged in this corporation’s brand
  • Irema face masks are used in hospitals all over Europe under this brand name

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