Data Centres

Maintain the clean air flow in data centres with Irema air filters

Irema’s air filters help provide a safe data centre environment free from harmful air contaminants. They can also reduce IT equipment energy consumption.

Keep server racks and electronic components fully functional with industry-compliant air filters manufactured and packaged by Irema in Ireland.

Protect hardware in data centres

Sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide are the most common gases which cause electronic equipment corrosion. In a data centre, they can lead to deterioration of copper surfaces and silver solder used on circuit boards, causing them to fail.

Irema’s Atlantic Air Filters filters prevent external pollutants that can damage IT hardware from entering data centres. The clean air that is produced by our filters preserves electronics and helps avoid breakdowns due to corrosive gaseous contaminants

Keep precious equipment running with high-efficiency air filters

Air filters help combat corrosive contaminants and harmful particles and secure data centres operations.


Non-standard size air filters in your brand

We offer a private label version for HVAC, AHU and air filter manufacturers and distributors to sell pre-made air filters under your brand in standard sizes and non-standard sizes. These are manufactured and packaged to your specification complying with international industry standards at Irema’s plant in Ireland.

Irema air filters benefits

  • Customisable, non-standard sizes available quickly
  • Superior quality and long-lasting
  • International industry standards compliant
  • Filters the smallest pollutants
  • Protects people
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces the building’s environmental impact

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Standards Compliant

Irema manufactures and produces air filters in line with EU and international regulations