Power Generation

Protect gas turbines with Irema air filters

Environmental and operational conditions that can vary drastically between gas turbines. As gas turbine consumes up to 98% air and 2% fuel, air quality is critical to its performance. If absorbed by the gas turbines, fine dust can cause fouling, erosion and plugging of cooling passes. Irema’s pre and fine Atlantic Air Filter branded air filters help keep gas turbine engines in perfect condition and increase fuel efficiency. Our filter material is also used by OEMs and air filter manufacturers to create their own air filters.

Eliminate harmful substances and protect equipment

Purify the air from dust, contaminants, molecular gases, dirt particles and allergens using Irema branded (Atlantic Air Filters) or private label branded. Our air filters clean the air in gas turbines and are found in AHUs across Europe since 1985.

Irema air filters are robust enough to withstand the machinery in gas turbines.

Non-standard size air filters in your brand

We offer a private label version for HVAC, AHU and air filter manufacturers and distributors to sell pre-made air filters in your brand identity in standard sizes and non-standard sizes. These are manufactured and packaged to your specification at Irema’s plant in Ireland and comply with international industry standards.

Irema air filters benefits

  • Customisable, non-standard sizes available quickly
  • Superior quality and long-lasting
  • International industry standards compliant
  • Filters the smallest pollutants
  • Protects people
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces the building’s environmental impact

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Standards Compliant

Irema manufactures and produces air filters in line with EU and international regulations