EURO-Filter case study | Filter material

26 Apr 2024
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EURO-Filter case study

EURO-Filter, founded in 1998, produces and supplies filters for air conditioning systems in industrial plants. The 70 employees are based in Dortmund in Germany.


In 2015 EURO-Filter required a regular supply of well-priced, high quality air filter pockets to meet its expansion targets and customer demand.

Why Irema?

Irema Ireland manufacturers and supplies air filter material using the melt-blown process. This means that the material is non-woven fabric containing no glass making it safe to handle and use. Irema’s reputation within the industry coupled with its product quality and ability to deliver on time was key to EURO-Filter choosing Irema to be its air filter material partner.



Because of the standards-compliant product from Irema, EURO-Filter can consistently offer customers high quality bag filters at the most cost effective prices – even at short notice. The ongoing supply of filter material means that EURO-Filter can supply original, replacement air filters for all common air filter systems.

The smaller pore size air filter material ensures that filters made using Irema’s filter material offers the cleanest air possible for building occupants. Demand has grown tenfold since EURO-Filter first became an Irema customer.

“Irema’s reputation and product quality were key to us choosing them as one of our regular pre-cut pocket suppliers. We are confident the quality will always meet EU standards and experienced a well organised handling of the delivery possibilities during the pandemic. The reliable short delivery time of Irema in the past convinces us that we face a successful partnership in the future.”
Thorsten Rüping, Operations Director, EURO-Filter

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