European OEM case study | Air filters

25 Jan 2024
Categories: Case study

TEuropean OEM case studyhis European air filter manufacturer sells over 200 EU and quality standards-compliant components for filtration and air distribution in the European market – in particular for cleanrooms, chemical, pharmaceutical and hospital industries.


In 2015, the air filter producer needed a quality EU-standards compliant manufacturer to supply pocket air filters under its own brand. After researching a few European manufacturers, Irema Ireland was chosen.

Why Irema?

Irema produces a diverse range of filter material with fine and course microfibers, making it the definitive choice for producing air filters for medium and fine filtration. Irema’s product quality and value coupled with its customer service and ability to grow was key to this key European OEM choosing Irema as its long term air filter partner.

The filter material construction consists of pockets which are ultrasonically welded, cut to size and supported by a corrosion resistant metal or plastic frame.



The OEM branded pocket filters are multi-pocket bag filters which are made with Irema’s Ultraseal Plus welded cut pockets. The air filter material meets ISO 16890 standard for coarse filtration efficiency.

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