Protect patients and staff in healthcare settings with Irema Facemate masks

Irema Facemate masks protect patients and staff which is essential in the healthcare sector. Irema provides medical grade, EU standards and MDR compliant surgical and respirator face masks to hospitals across Europe.

If it doesn’t say Irema on the box – it might be Irema in the box! Our OEM branded products also meet the same CE, regulatory and industry standards.

Protecting people in medical centres

Our doctor, nurses and technician end users love our masks because they are comfortable and easy to breath through.

Irema’s EU compliant medical masks ensure that healthcare workers are protected from even the smallest airborne contaminants.

Irema’s Facemate brand is the main brand used by Ireland’s Health Service Executive (the HSE)


Outsource to Irema

Leave the manufacturing to the experts while you concentrate on core business. Outsource your respirator and surgical face masks to Irema. Your branded face masks are produced on a dedicated production line. Create brand awareness and recognition with high quality, standards-compliant face masks packaged to your brand specification.

Trusted manufacturer to leading OEMs and medical device suppliers worldwide

Irema manufactures and produces all Facemate surgical and respirator masks in line with EU MDR and all EU and international regulations.