Filter material

Biodegradable filter material

Irema can provide you with our new low carbon, biobased filter material made from ethically sourced, annually renewable feedstocks. The material is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable and is used to create Irema’s new innovative range of sustainable air filters, BioEir.

Melt-blown polypropylene filter media

Irema  manufactures melt-blown polypropylene filter media for air conditioning and ventilation industries. Our exclusive melt-blown technology enables us to produce a diverse range of filter media with fine and course microfibers, making it the definitive choice for producing air filters for medium and fine filtration. The texture makes it is an excellent material for processing by sewing, ultrasonic welding and pleating.

  • 100% synthetic material
  • Manufacturing process means smaller pore size provides better filtration
  • Air filter media ensures that your building ventilation system offers the cleanest air possible for workers

OEMs, HVAC servicing companies, distributors and Facilities Managers: Due to Irema Ireland’s fibre diameters, this material offers enhanced indoor air quality and is suitable for low energy systems. We can make them to any size you need, packaged in your logo and brand identity.

Industry standards compliant filter media

Irema’s filtration products are industry and regulatory standards’ compliant for the markets in which we operate.

  • ISO 16890 ePM 1-10
  • EN 779 M5-F9
  • ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 7-16

Irema Ireland filter media cleans the air and protects workers

Biodegradable filter material

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Converted material

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Standard rolls

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Other filter material

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Our air filter rolls are ideal for manufacturing filters such as pleated panel filters, rigid filters and pocket filters.

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How we make our melt-blown polypropylene filter material

Your branded filter material

Outsource your filter requirements to enable you to focus on core products. Keep your brand in front of your customers with Irema’s standards-compliant filter material private label option. Use our filter media to create air filters to expand your product range and earn additional revenue.

We make air filter material for EURO-Filter and air filters for key European air filter companies and other OEMs.

Standards Compliant

Irema manufactures and produces all products in line with EU and international standards.