Converted filter material

Industry standards compliant converted filter material

Irema’s converted filter material products are industry and regulatory standards’ compliant for the markets in which we operate.

  • ISO 16890 ePM 1-10
  • EN 779 M5-F9
  • ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 7-16

Irema Ireland filter media cleans the air and protects workers


Welded rolls

The pre-welded rolls, manufactured to EN 779:2002, EN779: 2012 and ISO 16890 standards, include spacers ready for cutting into pockets. Each welded roll has 6 rows of internal spacers to enable the pocket filters to inflate and distribute airflow evenly. This leads to full use of the air filter as well as much reduced initial resistance. Each separator is welded to the top and bottom layers of the material.


  • Strong seal
  • Pressures > 1000Pa
  • Available in industry standard grades and colours

Pre-cut pockets

Irema’s welded cut pockets are ideally suited for manufacturing multi-pocket bag filters. Customised depths and cut and seal options are available. The spacer is pre-slit to speed up filter assembly.


  • Initial efficiency NaCl @ 0.5 um 85+%
  • Available in industry standard grades and colours
  • 70 or 90 gsm

Laminated G4 rolls

The G4 laminated air filter material is a 78gsm course polyester material with expanded metal grid support used primarily for the construction of pre-filters. It is ideal for pleating and manufacturing pre-filters such as disposable pleated panel filters. The rigid fibre properties ensure optimal separation capacity, maximum dust containment and complete dust particle release prevention, while optimising energy costs.


  • Blue
  • G4
  • Standard roll dimensions: 610mm x 274m

Mini pleated polypropylene

The Micro V and Micro 3000 air filter material range is available in mini-pleated packs suitable for installation in V-cell, mini-pleat and compact rigid filters. The material is 110gsm melt-blown polypropylene and is ideal for use in manufacturing mini-pleat filters and rigid compact filters.


  • 70 to 110gsm PP stiffened melt-blown material
  • 25, 48, 98mm pleat heights
  • 20 to 50mm pleat heights

Standards Compliant

Irema manufactures and produces all products in line with EU and international standards.