Other filter material

Industry standards compliant other filter material

Irema’s other filter material products are industry and regulatory standards’ compliant for the markets in which we operate.

  • ISO 16890 ePM 1-10
  • EN 779 M5-F9
  • ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 7-16

Irema Ireland filter media cleans the air and protects workers



G4 pleated polyester

The G4 pleats are created from the G4 laminated air filter material. This is a 78gsm course polyester material with expanded metal grid support used primarily for the construction of pre-filters. It ideal for manufacturing pre-filters such as disposable pleated panel filters.


  • Blue
  • 2-3mm ex mesh
  • ePM coarse, MERV 6-11

Activated carbon pleated polyester

The activated carbon enables the material to absorb odours, chemicals and gases. The carbon particles work as scavengers by attracting gases and odours through electrostatic attraction. Molecules become trapped when they come into contact with the carbon surface. Ideal for manufacturing disposable pleated filters for installation in air filtration systems where odour removal is required.


  • Black
  • Standard roll dimensions: 0.610 x 274m
  • 155 gsm

Standards Compliant

Irema manufactures and produces all products in line with EU and international standards.