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30 Sep 2023
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GAFCO case study

Founded in Saudi Arabia in 1990, GAFCO is a leader in the development, design, production and sale of air filtration solutions for a wide range of industries in over 20 countries.


In 2019, GAFCO needed a second supplier of M5 – F9 air filter material to address the challenging conditions in the region with filter media that can withstand the harsh environment and provide customers with the highest possible dust holding capacity.

GAFCO case study

Why Irema?

The diamond shape on Irema’s melt-blown polypropylene material has become recognised as a filter material mark of quality around the world. As a result, GAFCO’s customers were requesting this specific air filter media in their filters. GAFCO approached Irema to provide an ongoing regular supply so they could fulfil customers’ orders.



Irema delivers up to 100,000 square meters of standards-compliant filter material to GAFCO each month – the equivalent of over one million sqm per year. GAFCO’s HVAC customers are happy in the knowledge that they are supplying excellent air filters using Irema’s exclusive melt-blown polypropylene process.

“Quality is key for us and our customers. We strive to work with suppliers who are not only capable but also motivated towards continuous improvement. Together with Irema as our long term partner, we provide leading IAQ air filters for a wide range of applications.”

Ahmed Abdelwahab, Head of Procurement, GAFCO

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