Irema donates respirator masks to Ukraine

04 Mar 2022
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Irema Facemate FFP2 masks bound for Ukraine

Irema has donated 36,000 FFP2 masks to two groups helping the people of Ukraine. Each group will receive 18,000 masks (one pallet) of FFP2 masks. The first will be shipped on Saturday 4th March with the second departing the following week.

The respirator masks will be distributed to hospitals throughout Ukraine. FFP2 respirator masks filter at least 94% of biological aerosols and limit the spread airborne infections such as Covid-19 and influenza. They will help ensure Ukrainian medical staff in hospitals are safe from Covid transmission while attending to the sick and injured.

“The situation in Ukraine is so shocking, it was important for us to help,” said Sean Cooke, Strategic Development Manager, Irema. “The masks will arrive in Ukraine in the next few weeks for onward distribution to medical centres and hospitals around the country.”

Medical supply shortage

Medical supplies are difficult to get a hold of and the FFP2 masks will help protect staff and patients as they deal with the conflict.

Irema has been manufacturing surgical masks since it was established in 1985 and respirator masks since 2015. All masks are made to international standards and regulations and used by hospitals and medical centres across Europe.

respirator masks to Ukraine


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