Irema helps combat Wuhan Coronavirus

23 Jan 2020
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Irema, Ireland’s only surgical and respirator mask manufacturer, is seeing echoes of 2003 and 2009 with the spread of the ‘Wuhan’ Coronavirus. The virus which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in mid December 2019 has seen people present with pneumonia like symptoms and led to the shutdown of the city’s transport network in attempt to stop its spread.


In 2003 the SARS virus saw unprecedented global demand for the Irema Ireland disposable Facemate face mask as medical professionals looked to protect themselves from infection and halt the spread of the virus. History repeated itself in 2009 with the global Swine Flu pandemic necessitating greatly increased production to meet the requirements of medical professionals across the globe.

While still in its infancy, the ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’ has already seen an increase in demand and a ramping up in production at Irema’s facility in Killmallock, Co Limerick, as medical professionals and the general public look to ensure they are taking every precaution to limit the virus spread.

Facemate FFP3 respirator mask is the product most in demand. It offers increased levels of personal protection for people working in environments where harmful particles, pathogens and aerosols present a danger to their respiratory system and long term health. Respirator type masks offer a face seal solution that provides greater protection to the healthcare professional than a standard surgical mask.


Irema has been in operation in Kilmallock, Co Limerick since 1985 and is a global leader in the design and manufacture of disposable surgical and respirator face masks for the healthcare industry under its Facemate brand and as an outsourced manufacturing partner. Irema employs 50 people in its Limerick operation and in 2009 opened an additional manufacturing facility in Thailand to help service its growing international customer base.

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