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26 Mar 2024
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NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIKNEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK GmbH, founded in 1983 with headquarters in Essen, Germany is a family-owned producer and distributor of standards-compliant air filters. NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK HVAC air filters, filter mats and HEPA filters are used in offices, production facilities, swimming pools, medical and laboratory areas and the food industry.


In 2015 NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK examined their manufacturing process to improve production efficiency. They decided to focus on manufacturing their own speciality products and partner with an external supplier to manufacture and provide a regular stock of pre-welded rolls and a range of bag filters. Irema was chosen as the company’s standards-compliant filter partner.
The welded rolls have 6 rows of internal spacers to enable the end product (pocket filters) to inflate and distribute airflow evenly.

Why Irema?prewelded rolls

• Good value, high quality product
• Reliable delivery schedule
• ASHRAE, CE and ISO16890 standards-compliant



• Irema supplies NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK with 30 pre-welded rolls and 450 bag filters per month
• The pre-welded rolls are then used to make NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK pocket filters
• The bag filters Irema supplies are sized labelled for packaging by NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK


“We needed a dependable, regular supplier that offered good value together with a quality product. We’ve been really happy with Irema as our bag filter and pre-welded rolls filter material supplier. Their products meet our exacting standards and are delivered to our preferred schedule.”

Angelika Neidert, Managing Director, NEIDERT LUFTFILTERTECHNIK GmbH

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