G4 Pleated Air Filter Media Polyester

Our G4 laminated air filter media with expanded metal grid support is also available already pleated in packs that are suitable for installation into cardboard or other frames.

The rigid fibre properties of this media ensure optimal separation capacity, maximum dust containment and complete dust particle release prevention, while optimizing energy costs.

The rigid fibre properties of this media also make it ideal for manufacturing pre-filters such as disposable pleated panel filters.

Product Specification

  • Available in different widths: 305 – 760mm.
  • Pleat Heights available: 22, 48, 98mm (1”, 2”, 4”)
  • Colour: Blue
  • Available in grades: G4
  • Suitable for pleated panel filters
  • EN 779 & ASHRAE 52.2 compliant

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