Micro 3000

Micro 3000

The Micro 3000 air filter media range has been specifically designed for pleating. The media is made with 110gsm meltblown polypropylene, that meets the highest standards for filtration efficiency F5-F9. It physical properties make it an exceptional media for pleating and use in manufacturing mini-pleat filters and rigid compact filters.

The properties include stable fibres ensuring optimal separation capacity, maximum dust containment and complete dust particle release prevention while maintaining a low energy cost.

The Micro 3000 is suitable for and available as a pleatable air filter media roll and as a pleated air filter media.

Product Specifications

  • 110gsm PP stiffened meltblown media
  • Available in grades F5-F9 to meet EN779:2002 requirements
  • Standard roll dimensions: 0.610m x 300m
  • Customised roll widths and lengths are available
  • Also meets the requirements of ASHRAE 52.2

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