Activated Carbon Pleated Polyester Air Filter Media

Activated Carbon Pleated Polyester Air Filter Media

Our activated carbon pleated polyester air filter media is a 155gsm media combination that meets G4 filtration efficiency while the activated carbon allows the material to adsorb odours, chemicals, and gases.

Activated carbon works by preferential adsorption. This means it only adsorbs certain atoms, ions or molecules from a gas or liquid. In air filtration applications where the activated carbon is impregnated into our G4 polyester, the carbon particles work as scavengers by attracting gases and odours through electrostatic attraction. When these molecules come into contact with the carbon surface, they become trapped.

These properties make this media ideal for manufacturing disposable pleated filters for installation in air filtration systems where odour removal is required.

Product Specifications 

  • Activated carbon impregnated Polyester
  • Colour: Black
  • Available in grades: G4
  • Standard roll dimensions: 0.610 x 274m
  • Suitable for blade pleating
  • Used in pleated panel filters
  • EN 779 & ASHRAE 52.2 compliant

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