Air Filter Media Pockets

Air filter Media Pockets made from the Micro range of Irema Air Filter Media are also available. Each pocket is ultrasonically welded with 6 rows of internal spacers to allow the pocket inflate and provide an even airflow distribution, resulting in full utilisation of the air filter as well as much reduced initial resistance. Each separator is welded to the top and bottom layers of the media; the result is a strong seal, capable of withstanding high pressures of over 1000Pa.

Product Specifications

  • Available in Micro 700, Micro 2000 and Micro 2012 options
  • Available in grades F5-F9
  • Standard widths: 600, 610, 615, 650, 675 and 685mm
  • Pocket lengths: 200 – 675mm
  • Withstands air pressures of over 1000 Pa
  • Used for manufacturing pocket filters

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