Air Filter Media

Air Filter Media

Irema Ireland designs, manufactures and supplies air filter media products that meet ISO 16890, EN 779 and ASHRAE 52.2 industry standards for filtration efficiency. All are manufactured using Irema’s proprietary melt blown filtration non-woven material which is ideally suited for use in pre-filters, multi-pocket bag filters and rigid filters. Irema’s filter media is used in industry sectors including HVAC, gas turbine, air inlets, hospitals and food and industrial processes.

Engineers looking for products that will simultaneously improve Indoor-Air Quality (IAQ), maintain HVAC-system cleanliness while reducing energy consumption need look no further.

  • Polypropylene air filter media rolls
  • Welded pockets and welded cut pocket media
  • Laminated polyester G4 media rolls
  • Pleated laminated G4 polyester media
  • Polyester activated carbon pleated media
  • Polypropylene mini-pleated media

Standard Rolls

Laminated G4 Rolls

Welded Rolls

Pleated G4 Packs

G4 Pleated Air Filter Media Polyester

Pre Cut Pockets

Mini Pleat Rolls

Pleatable Air Filter Media Polypropylene Micro 3000