Irema Ireland Partner Programme

Your partner programme is designed to ensure that you receive the very best services from us so that you are completely supported in meeting your customer’s needs. It consists of the following supports:

Manufacturing Expertise

As an Irema partner, you will benefit from over 30 years manufacturing expertise, putting you at the forefront of air quality product design and technology. Irema remains one of the largest air quality products manufacturer in Europe with two manufacturing facilities in operation.

Design Expertise

You will have the opportunity to work closely with Irema’s experienced design team to tailor an air quality solution that best fits your needs. Careful consideration is given to material selection, product design, production optimisation and packaging to ensure that the needs of your customers are always prioritised.

Private Labelling/OEM

Our private label service enables you to offer a high quality products, marked with your own unique branding.

The benefit of private labelling is that it keeps your brand name in front of your customers, creating brand awareness and recognition.

Regulatory Expertise

Your new product innovations will benefit from our regulatory expertise as we can help you to meet regulatory requirements by securing continued quality and compliance. Additionally, after your product has reached the market, it can benefit from consistent and rigorous after-market approval sampling testing of your products.

Supply Chain Management

We can view our partners ERP systems directly, so we can plan production to meet your requirements. Supply chain management is crucial in supplying air quality products to the market during unforeseen fluctuations in demand. That is why you will benefit from a Quality Management System that continuously implements a supply chain management solution to effectively manage changes in demand; securing stock availability. Our Supply Chain Managers will work closely with you to ensure that product quality and service is never compromised.

Customer Support

Your customer service team is based at our Headquarters in Ireland. The team are available to support you no matter where you are based. The customer service team lead the Irema Partner Programme by providing a continuous link between you, our valued customers, and all our Irema Ireland team members.

If we can offer you further assistance in any way, please let us know !!!