Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Based at our headquarters in southwest Ireland, manufactures Surgical & Respiratory Face Masks, and Filter Media & Filters for air conditioning and ventilation.

Filter Media Production

Filter Media Rolls

Meltblown Manufacturing | Air Filter Media

Irema is a manufacturer of meltblown polypropylene filter media for air conditioning and ventilation industries. Our exclusive meltblown technology allows us to produce a diverse range of filter media with fine and course microfibers, making it the definitive choice for producing air filters for medium and fine filtration. The texture of the meltblown fibre makes it is an exemplary media for processing by sewing, ultrasonic welding and pleating.

Welded  Rolls & Cut Pockets Air Filter Media

Welding Polypropylene Air Filter Media Rolls

Once our filter media is produced, our ultrasonic welding machines transform our polypropylene filter media into welded rolls that can then be cut to meet the specific pocket requirements of our customers.

Air Filter Media Pockets been formed

Pleated Air Filter Media

Pleating Machines for Pleated Air Filter Media

Deriving from our expertise in filter media production, we invested in air filter media pleating machines, specifically designed to produce pleated filter media that are ideal for manufacturing pleated panel filters, mini-pleat panel filters and rigid compact filters. Our technology gives us the capability to produce a multitude of pleat sizes enabling us to meet the specific requirements of all of our customers. Our technology also means that we produce pleated filter media in polypropylene F5-F9, G4 polyester and Activated Carbon polyester.

Filter Production

Pre- Filters:

Pleated Panel Filter Production

Pleating Machine used in Manufacturing Pre Filters for Pleated Panel Air Filters

In addition to our pleated filter media, our facility includes a production area where we manufacture disposable pleated panel filters. Our panel filters come in a variety of media including polypropylene, G4 polyester and activated carbon polyester with cardboard or plastic frames. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce made-to-measure filters that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Fine Filters:

Pocket Filter Production

Pocket Filter Manufacturing

Arising from our ultra-sonic welding expertise, we expanded our production facility to include the contract manufacturing of pocket filters. Our custom built machinery allows us the flexibility to produce pocket filters in a variety of polypropylene media and made to measure sizes with metal and plastic frames.

Rigid Filter Production

Rigid Filter Manufacturing

Evolving from our stiffened polypropylene pleated filter media, our research and development team continued to innovate until they attained a high quality rigid filter using our Micro 3000 filter media. We have a dedicated production area for rigid filters.

Face Mask Production

Surgical and Respirator Face Mask Production

With nearly 30 years in the face mask manufacturing industry, we strive to develop the most innovative products that evolve and continue to meet our customer’s individual needs.

Surgical & Respirator Face Mask Manufacturing

Our face mask production area has grown seven fold to offer a diverse portfolio that includes: Tie-on, Ear Loop, XtraComfort for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Splash, Anti-fog, Extra Large, Anti-splash with Visor and FFP2 and FFP3 Flat Fold Respirator.

Manufacturing Services

Private Labelling

Our private label service enables our OEM customers to offer high quality products, marked with their own unique branding.

The benefit of private labelling is that it keeps your brand name in front of your customers, creating brand awareness and recognition.

If you would like to discuss adding private labelling to your order, please get in touch by calling +3539854463 or Email: