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What is meant by BFE?

06 Apr 2022

BFE stands for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. It is used to define the effectiveness of filtration materials and is a test performed on materials that provide protection such as face masks and surgical gowns. It measures how material filters biological...

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How to do an FFP fit check

23 Feb 2022

An FFP fit check (or fit test) is carried out after donning (putting on) an FFP style mask. (Instructions on how best to do this in a previous post). A fit check is necessary to ensure that there is...

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How to put on an FFP2 face mask

02 Feb 2022

If you are wondering how to correctly put on an Irema Facemate FFP2 face mask, the HSE has created a step by step document using Irema’s Facemate mask. Click on the image below to visit the page on the...

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When are respirator face masks used?

12 Jan 2022

The first blog in this series provided a face mask overview – the medical face mask guide. The second provided more detail about the masks we are most familiar with, surgical masks. Here I will go into more detail...

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HSE recommends FFP2 masks for healthcare workers

04 Jan 2022

HSE guidance has been updated to state that FFP2 masks must be worn by healthcare workers in all settings where they are caring for patients.   Respirator Masks Respirator masks (FFP2) are to be worn by healthcare workers in...

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