What We Make

Irema Ireland is a manufacturer of synthetic melt-blown polypropylene material which produces a highly efficient non-woven material. This material, known for its natural anti-bacterial and filtering qualities, makes it is an exemplary material for processing by sewing, ultrasonic welding and pleating.

From this fabric, we produce Irema Facemate and private label surgical and respirator masks for medical use along with air filters and air filter material for the manufacture of HVAC air filters – all to EU, international and industrial standards.

Irema melt-blown process

Melt-blowing is a unique, one-step process in which the melt of a polymer emerging from openings is blown into super-fine fibres by hot, high-velocity air. A molten polymer is blown into ultrafine fibres and collected on a rotary drum or a forming belt with a vacuum underneath the surface to form a nonwoven web.

Surgical and respirator face masks

With over 35 years in the face mask manufacturing industry, Irema continues to develop the most innovative products that meet our customers’ needs within EU and international regulations.

Our face mask production area creates a diverse portfolio that includes 3 groups: tie-on masks, ear loop face masks and flat fold respirators.

Surgical Masks Respirator Masks

Filter material

Once our melt-blown material is produced, our ultrasonic welding machines transform the polypropylene filter material into standard rolls or converted media such as welded rolls and pre-cut pockets. These are used in HVAC systems around the world.

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Private labelling

Our private label service enables our customers to offer high quality products packaged in their unique branding by outsoucing to Irema.

The benefit of private labelling is that it keeps your brand name in front of your customers, creating brand awareness and recognition. Additionally, outsourcing face mask, air filters or filter media production means that you can concentrate on manufacturing your core products.

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