Irema Ireland manufactures private label or Irema branded air filters for HVAC systems, air filter material for the manufacture of air filters and surgical and respirator masks for medical use – all to international standards.


Irema, an industry leader in the production of sustainable, biodegradable air filters, is proud to announce the launch of our BioEir range. BioEir air filters are sustainable and biodegradable and made from renewable and organic resources and are easily composted.

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Why choose Irema biodegradable air filters?

  • First and only AHU air filter provider to offer an eco-friendly product
  • Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable
  • Standards compliant and same excellent quality as all Irema air filters
  • Available in your brand logo and identity

Biodegradable air filters

Why choose Irema air filters

  • Customisable, non-standard sizes available quickly
  • Private label or Irema branded (Atlantic Air Filters)
  • Manufactured and packaged in Irish HQ
  • Meet ISO, EN and ASHRAE filtration industry standards

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Why choose Irema filter material?

  • World’s first provider of synthetic melt-blown material for HVAC applications
  • Filtration of up to 99% of harmful airborne particles
  • High quality, highly efficient and environmentally conscious

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Why choose Irema face masks?

  • Manufactured to international standards since 1985
  • Regular, guaranteed supply to organisations over the world
  • Comfortable, breathable masks that protect
  • Irema branded (Facemate) or white label
  • FFP/N95 masks without valve as recommended by WHO

Surgical masks Respirator masks


Irema’s reputation and product quality were key to us choosing them as one of our regular pre-cut pocket suppliers. We are confident the quality will always meet EU standards and experienced a well organised handling of the delivery possibilities during the pandemic. The reliable short delivery time of Irema Ireland in the past convinces us that we face a successful partnership in the future.

Thorsten Rüping, Operations Director, EURO-Filter, Germany

We like doing business with Irema! They have been supplying Ultramare with a high performing product at a competitive price since 2007. We know that the quality provided meets the EU’s and our exacting standards. We are confident our customers receive the best product to provide a comfortable, healthy and odour-free environment for building occupants.


Olgierd Tomas Marczewski, Owner, Ultramare Sp. z o.o.

Irema’s guaranteed supply of TE branded face masks gave us the confidence needed to ensure our facilities remained operational during the pandemic. Additionally, our business relationship with Irema was very strong from the outset. This gave us comfort knowing we had selected a trustworthy and competent supplier.

Phil Gobey, EMEA Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, TE Connectivity, Germany

Quality is key for us and our customers. We strive to work with suppliers who are not only capable but also motivated towards continuous improvement. Together with Irema as our long term partner, we provide leading IAQ air filters for a wide range of applications.

Ahmed Abdelwahab, Head of Procurement, GAFCO

Irema Ireland is a trusted, reliable and quality driven organisation and has played a significant part in the provision of surgical and respirator masks used in the fight against Covid-19.

Marcus Dehning, Product Manager, AMPri Germany

Our long term established partnership with Irema meant that we trusted the team to deliver CE approved face masks at every stage. Being an Irish manufacturer able to meet the extraordinary demand of PPE during the Covid period has been an outstanding accomplishment by Irema.

Mairéad Lynch, Commercial Director, Promedicare, Ireland

Standards compliant

Irema manufactures and produces all products in line with EU and international regulations.